Engineer of Soft Wares

Hi, I'm Charlie.
I'm a full stack developer who enjoys learning about anything and everything.

I care about things like pragmatism, quality, and concision.

Feel free to have a look at my wares.


Independent Contract

Software Engineer
New York, NY
Node, Serverless, AWS, Shopify
  • Developed an ETL pipeline for the accounting team of a fast-paced startup to unify transaction and payment data from disparate Shopify instances into a single SAP ERP system.
  • Created a comprehensive technical spec within the first week and delivered a v1.0.0 by the following week.
  • Delivered the final release ahead of schedule allowing the client to rollout their SAP implementation in half the estimated time.
  • Worked autonomously, but transparently, and established engineering best practices throughout the process for the client's internal engineering team.


Senior Software Engineer
2016 - 2017
San Francisco, CA
Node, Hapi, Go, Docker, CoreOS, AWS, Terraform, Packer, Serverless, PostgreSQL, Redis, Logstash, Elasticsearch
  • Lead engineer on the Partner Operations Team, responsible for integrating routing and fulfillment technology with print partners on the backend.
    • Worked cross-functionally to perform in-depth research in identifying bottlenecks and roadmapping a path towards greater scalability.
    • Completely refactored the fulfillment worker codebase, increasing throughput while reducing error rates.
    • Designed and implemented a prototype agent to dramatically improve throughput and automate previously manual workflows.
    • Architected the migration path to deploying and using the agent in production.
  • Took the lead role at the DevOps and infrastructural level by migrating multiple critical path services to more robust infrastructure.
    • Designed, implemented, and deployed the infrastructure migration from time-intensive, manual management of snowflake servers to an automated and autoscaling infrastructure built on AWS ECS.
    • Raised the baseline level of security by conforming to AWS security best practices in VPC configuration, private subnetting, security group hardening, and IAM policy scoping.
    • Carefully introduced an infrastructure-as-code approach and offered training on why and how to use tools such as Terraform and Docker.
    • Prioritized and advocated for managed infrastructure to reduce engineering time spent resolving operational issues.
  • Individual contributor to the Platform Team, developing features for the public API that receives millions of requests per month.
    • Designed, specced, and managed the development of the Templates API, a product that simplifies the visual design process of a print order.
  • Trained and mentored interns and junior engineers.


Software Engineer
2014 - 2016
Sunnyvale, CA
Node, Angular, Backbone, Express, Hapi, MongoDB, MySQL, Vagrant, Docker
  • Developed across the full stack of the Topic Page platform in the SEO team. Topic Pages drive 400,000 visits and $250,000 worth of revenue per day to Walmart.com.
  • Took ownership of Mason, an internal CMS tool for administrating and publishing pages on the Topic Page platform. Revamped the underutilized, 2-year old application to become one of the most widely used internal tools within the Site Merchandising organization.
  • Led the refactoring, redesign, and documentation of Mason. Paved the way for expanded usage, a reduced rate of reported issues, and the creation of dozens of new high-profile campaigns.
  • Contributed to scaling and optimization efforts in the front-end services layer. Reduced the average response time by 400% and was part of the on-call rotation during the time of peak, holiday-season traffic.
  • Worked on the customer-facing front-end of the platform. Built support for new user experiences and improved existing ones.
  • Advised peers on how to simplify development/production workflows. Introduced virtualization tools into the development process and internally evangelized the containerized infrastructure.
  • Trained and mentored interns and junior engineers.


Software Engineer
New York, NY
Rails, Backbone, Vue, PostgreSQL, Redis, InfluxDB, Shopify, Heroku, AWS
  • Worked closely with the CTO on Sellout, a new product that provides simple email marketing automation for Shopify and Bigcommerce stores.
  • Led the front-end development for Manual Emails, the first major feature, from design to deployment.
  • Overhauled product recommendations for faster and more relevant results.
  • Delivered new pricing plans. Revenue and signups increased by 34% and 26%, respectively, in the month of the launch.
  • Created an improved internal workflow for designing emails. The rapid feedback loop allowed for numerous bug fixes in email client rendering incompatibilities.
  • Setup functional testing on CI builds for improved coverage of front-end features.

CompuWeigh Corporation

Junior Software Engineer
2012 - 2013
Woodbury, CT
.NET 4, Silverlight, SQL Server, WCF, VS2010, SVN
  • Front and back-end development on web applications targeting enterprise logistics and process automation in the grain industry.
  • Learned agile development methodology with a focus on TDD/BDD.
  • Developed the web service layer of an IoT-focused .NET MF product.


Computer Science, B.S.

Fairfield University
2008 - 2012
Fairfield, CT
  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude.


JavaScript, Ruby, Bash
Go, C#, Java
Rust, Python
Linux, macOS, Git, Vim, Tmux